About PATTERNROSES As the saying goes "Jewellery enhances one's beauty and builds confidence". That is exactly what we try to achieve at PatternRoses. We design and create hand made crochet jewellery that suites your personality.  Be it Earrings or Bracelets or even accessories for kids.. you name it and we have ready for you. What do we use ? Highest quality Wool,Nylon threads are used to create a product.Pearls, beads, tassels, bells, charms, semi- preciousstones, and more are used to add to the beauty. All the products are completely handmade and given the finest details. We have been in this business for years and love making unique craft products . I fulfill my passion by promoting my products through various social media platforms and by taking part in local exhibitions. I also open to custom orders. You can contact me for further information. Hope you find something for yourself... Happy Shopping.

About our Team :

Mrs. Divya Rose creates and designs the jewellery you see on our shopping list. Finance and marketing is handled by Mr. Lal Rose who is also a professional web designer.